2017 Demo Reel

Hey all!

Here’s my new reel for 2017! Some of the older shots have been tweaked and I’ve added a new shot! I have some more animations that I need to gather from places I’ve worked for, so this will probably be updated again soon. Thanks for checking it out!

Animation Challenge for 2015!


Hello everyone!

I wanted to invite you to my blog http://52weeksofanimation.blogspot.com/

This is where I will be posting new animations every week, for a whole year! This is a challenge to myself as an animator, as well as a way for me to study and practice animation. Each week I will be dealing with a theme, starting with the 12 principles of animation. I am very excited to see how well I improve and learn through this experience.

Please follow me in this experiment. Also, if you want to do this challenge as well, don’t be afraid to do so, maybe we can share ideas! Thanks for checking out my page!

Happy Animating!!!

New and Improved Site!


Hello everyone and welcome to my New and Improved website! As you can see I’ve upgraded a few things and added some bells and whistles with the help of a friend. I’ve added a few videos and of course! My brand spanking new demo reel, which you can see below!  Check them out and enjoy!